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Finally Friday Midtown.

So I walk into Republic Coffee this morning and ask for a coffee AND a waffle. “Uh, it’s not Waffle Wednesday; ya know?” Yes I know. I felt like a waffle this morning.

Great way to start the day. While at Republic Coffee I read the Memphis Flyer. Two articles stuck out in the paper. First, the Little Free Library. Love it. Better yet, this FREE library is right down the street from my place. I can’t wait to check the FREE library out. Read about the FREE library here in the Memphis Flyer.

Second up, Ghost River Brewery has cancelled their brewery tours, for now. Why? Demand for the beer is so good, the brewery is increasing production, and cutting the tour out for now. That’s good and bad. Demand for the beer is high (good for Ghost River), but from what I hear the brew tours are awesome as well. Read more about Ghost River Brews here from the Memphis Flyer.

Tonight? Dinner at Tsunami in Cooper Young. The roasted salmon on peach-tomato salsa with whole grain mustard sauce, and jasmine rice & tobacco onions was AWESOME. I was shocked by the taste of the onions. So good! (I don’t like onions) I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures. The fish? Great tasting. Try it Midtown! Note to self, go back soon.

We have finished our summer schedule at work. After eleven weeks of hard work, we get a break. Thankfully.

I plan to rest up and read tomorrow. See YOU back here for more fish, beer, and books. Cheers.

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Memphis Events:

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

“Hell Yes Burlesque” – 8/25/2012 Hi-Tone. Doors 9, Show @ 10. $10 tickets.

Macy’s Zoo Brew – Friday August 31, 7-10 at the Memphis Zoo.

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012