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Finally Friday Midtown. And just in time.

Running late as usual, I rolled into Coffee Town for my usual coffee. After scanning the news, I jumped on the bicycle and headed to work. Something new? Remember “Bike To Work Day” 2012? I received a free messenger bag at the end of the ride down town several months ago. I was thinking yesterday “I need a bag to put my clothes in. Not a back pack (tried that out already).” Hey, what about that messenger bag sitting in the closet? Never been used either. I fitted my three shirts, dress pants, socks and underwear into the bag. Bungee cords? Yes, I have those too. This morning I filled my bike basket with my tool kit, rain poncho, and lunch box. On the bike rack I placed my messenger bag full of clothes, and secured the bag with two bungee cords.

This system works great. And the messenger bag looks great too. There are one million pockets to put items in the bag. I’m really pleased with the messenger bag. The only thing I modified regarding the bag was to place a large plastic bin top in the bottom of the bag to give the bag support.

The ride to work was cooler than usual. The sky was cloudy as well. Riding east I could see the rain and lightning to the north-east of my location. But I could tell the rain was coming. Must go faster. Must go faster. Would I beat the rain? At the bottom of Shelby Farms the only thing I saw was lightning strikes flashing over and over. I was headed into the center of the storm. Would I make the last two miles to work before the rain? Must go faster. I reached work and locked my bicycle. One minute later the sky opened up and the rain poured down. I made it to work just in time.

During my lunch hour I felt a migraine beginning. And I have BAD migraines. Five years ago, I did discover something that helps me. Magnesium. I take three tablets and usually within 15 minutes the migraine goes away. That didn’t happen today. It took nearly 45 minutes for the migraine to go away.

Bike ride home? I forgot to take water. I didn’t think the temperature would be so high this evening. I was wrong. Hey wait. There are bike rentals at the top of Shelby Farms. They have water.

Yes, I stopped in for a bottle of water. Thanks for the water man. By the end of the ride sweat was pouring down my face. So much for wearing that bandana.

The time? Time for some of that Magic Hat Circus Boy Hefeweizen. Two words; FANTASTIC. Get some 🙂

Come back tomorrow for more beers, love and bikes. Cheers.

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Memphis Events:

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

“Hell Yes Burlesque” – 8/25/2012 Hi-Tone. Doors 9, Show @ 10. $10 tickets.

Macy’s Zoo Brew – Friday August 31, 7-10 at the Memphis Zoo.

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012