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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Interesting day today.

First up, I DID NOT ride my bicycle to work. Instead I drove to work and dropped my vehicle off at a repair shop for some work. I didn’t even stop for coffee (gasp!). Running late as usual. I did clean my vehicle out, which needed to be done. You know you’re a cyclist if you have a random bicycle seat in your car (make that TWO seats). You know you’re a cyclist if you have TWO bicycle baskets in your car. You know you’re a cyclist if you have MANY tire tubes in your car (new and used). You know you’re a cyclist if you have a couple of used bike tires in your car. You know you’re a cyclist if you have MANY bicycle reflectors in your vehicle. Yeah, had to carry ALL of that out of the vehicle this morning.

Tuesday. Paperwork day. Fun… not.

While at lunch I read a book. You know, paper with words on the paper, bound together with a cover. “Cold Vengeance” is still a good book.

I did read about a new game that is currently available. “The Secret World”. A PC game that I will probably never play (since the desktop is 5 going on 6 years old and the laptop is 2.5 years old). The game does sound interesting. Right now I just don’t have the time to play because of work. Read more about “The Secret World” here. When I “do” have time to play (two and  a half weeks from now), I will probably check out the games Portal I and Portal II.

After work, I drove to an auto place near Overton Park. Dropped the car off and jumped on my bicycle. It is only a three-mile ride home. East down Overton, South on McLean, East on Peabody, South on Cooper, East at Easy Way, South on E. Parkway S. and I was near home.

I managed to take a picture while on McLean at Overton.

“No Parking Bike Lane 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.” Here’s your sign. (I have no dog in this race. I rarely use the bike lanes in this area. Just a picture of what I see.) I can compromise. BUT, the mayor promised 50 miles of bicycle lanes in Memphis. Cool. How many MILES of streets in Memphis DO NOT have bicycle lanes? Just asking for a few miles, that’s all.

I was run off the road on Harbert near S. Cox by a pickup truck. Not sure what his problem was, but instead of driving on “his” right side of the street, he drove straight at me. I rolled into the grass and waved “hi” to the guy. I was probably to stunned to argue about the matter.

Plans for tomorrow? Bicycle ride to work. Plus coffee. Don’t forget, Trolley Night downtown on S. Main is Friday Night July 27th. Time to get me some beer this evening. See YOU tomorrow for more beers, trolleys, and bike lanes. Cheers.

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Memphis Events:

Side Street Steppers – July 26 Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Trolley Night – July 27th Downtown S. Main. Go!

Jeremy Shrader & the Hot Memphis Four – Aug. 2. Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012