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Finally Friday Midtown. Here come the weekend. Get your party started.

What is new? My new HUGE double wide bicycle basket. The new basket worked well. My only complaint? The basket is rather bulky. The basket also adds some extra weight. The good news? The new basket is deep. And long. I fitted a lunch box, a large bag of clothes, a tool kit, and a small back pack in to the new basket.

The ride to work? Very good. Hot? Oh yeah.

I found a couple of items today. First, check out www.bikinginmemphis.com. Doug writes great posts. The new post? The McLean bike lane controversy. I write three sentences about the bike lane debate and he writes an entire post about it. Always good stuff over at www.bikinginmemphis.com. Read it.

Secondly, the New York Times has a good story about cyclists using camera’s as “black box’s” at accident scenes. Why did I find this article interesting? I use my Flip Camcorder on a daily basis to record my bike ride across street intersections. I use the camera ESPECIALLY at Walnut Grove Rd and Farm Road. Easily one of the most dangerous intersections in town. Can a camera help? I believe so. If things go south, I have the accident on video. If a motorist is a jerk, I have the jerk on video. Video makes for good evidence. Read more here from the New York Times.

The ride home today? HOT. I had two miles left when I ran out of water. Doh! I do admit I drank lots of cold water when I was riding. 99 degree’s will do that to you.

I need beer! I ran over to Ike’s on Union for some beer. I took the beer to the checkout aisle, stepped three feet away to pick up a lemon, turned around, and found “old lady” who cut in line in front of me. Really? You need cigarettes that quickly? It gets better. Her cost? $20 something dollars. To pay for it… wait for it… she pulls out the check book. Really? You cut in line in front of me THEN you write a check? I could only smile. Only at Ikes on Union.

Okay, time for that beer. I earned that beer today. I will see YOU back here tomorrow for more camera’s, bikes, and beers. Cheers.

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Memphis Events:

Side Street Steppers – July 26 Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Jeremy Shrader & the Hot Memphis Four – Aug. 2. Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012