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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. But since I was running late this morning, no waffle.

Okay, different story today. Welcome to the double extra wide, super size my order, 25% more TECH POST. I recently purchased several new items. To start with the Flip Camcorder. Cost for a USED camera? $50.00.

I have to say the Flip Camcorder is great for easy video shooting. I use the camera for my personal vehicle and when I am out riding my bicycle. The Flip Camera has been used on a daily basis.

Then I needed a dash mount for my vehicle. The ME-CD does the trick. $10.

And when I am out riding along the Greenline and want to shoot video, I use the USA Handle Bar Video Mount.

Easy to set up and use. That is another $7.00.

Lastly, I needed something to carry the Flip Camera in. This case is good for keeping your camera without getting the camera scratched up.

Even better, you can place a small digital camera inside the case with your flip camera. Works great for me. $10.

“You will lose everything.” Have you seen the commercial? Yes, the commercial is about not having a computer back up and losing files. I didn’t give the commercial much thought until… our laptop had a nasty virus. I thought that I had lost several THOUSAND pictures because of the virus. The last back up occurred more than one year ago. Not good. Luckily, I was able to bring back all of the photo’s I thought lost. I may not be that lucky again. YOU may not be that lucky. How to solve the problem? I signed up for www.crashplan.com. The software will back up your computer files on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It is your choice when to back up the files. You can back up your information to another home computer if you would like. You can also set up which files to back up. The cost? $5 a month. I’ll pay that. Easy to set up as well. (For older computers, crashplan will not work. Our 5-year-old desktop is “old”)

Books? I added 20 books to Goodreads.com today. I also discovered there is a way to share which books I have recently purchased, books I am reading or books I have finished reading via a blog. (My guess is an HTML link to add to a blog). I am still messing around with the app, so maybe a test post coming soon about books I am reading. My book shelf name? (yes you can name your book shelf using the Goodreads App) “Two Tons of Books”. Although I have gotten rid of some books, there are still many books in the house. Yes, I have a book problem.

Okay, done for the day. Go get yourself some coffee, beers and some bicycles. Cheers 🙂

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Memphis Events:

Bluff City Backsliders – July 19 Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Side Street Steppers – July 26 Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Jeremy Shrader & the Hot Memphis Four – Aug. 2. Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012