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Monday Midtown. I gave up at 1:30. Monday beat me.

After working on my bicycle tires yesterday, I was ready to head east this morning. I read the news then jumped on the bicycle. Nice ride this morning, except I couldn’t keep a good rhythm. Other than that, I arrived at work in good shape and on time. I was also able to do some quick recordings using my Flip Camcorder in Shelby Farms.

Work was CRAZY. I forgot how crazy it was. By 1:30 I was done in (and I still had to work until 5:00 p.m.)

At least by 5:00 I was ready to roll west. The temperature was cooler. All was fine until a younger female cyclist passed me up. Hey. Amateur. You can’t pass me up! (It’s not a race. It’s not a race.) I paced her a hundred feet back. She cannot keep a pace of 15 m.p.h. for any length of time. No way. I paced her until Waring, where my legs wore out. “I will win next time!” I would have won except for that cramp in my foot. Now my knee hurts. Do I sound old? Yes age and strength won the race today. (It’s not a race. It’s not a race.)

Yes, I am done in today. Mentally for sure. (I am writing while the movie “Alien” is playing in the background. Still a great movie.) Sorry for the short post, but the day has done me in. See YOU back here tomorrow for more bike races, beers, and bbq. Cheers!

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Memphis Events:

Bluff City Backsliders – July 19 Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Side Street Steppers – July 26 Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Jeremy Shrader & the Hot Memphis Four – Aug. 2. Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012