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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

My day began with coffee. Great way to start the day. Another hot, hot ride to work. The morning ride was fine. At the start an older woman (mid 50’s) passed me by. Oh no you don’t! (“It’s not a race. It’s not a race.”) I paced her, all the way to Waring. A mile along the Greenline she stopped for water. “I have you now!” (“It’s not a race.”) Passed her up, didn’t see her again. Yes, I enjoy racing the elderly and children. Why make it harder than it has to be 🙂

I get to the bottom of Shelby Farms. Yesterday evening a pickup truck almost hit me while I crossed the street. Would it get better this morning? I waited for the light to turn, then made my way across. “Mini-van Mom” was waiting for me AGAIN. She turns east onto Walnut Grove Road and NEVER slows or stops. She just drives into the intersection whether anyone is crossing or not. She did this to me last week. “Are you going to stop so I can cross the street?” I shouted at her today as she drove by (she had her window rolled down). Just trying to cross a street to go to work. My bike camcorder mount should arrive shortly, which will make for some interesting footage at the bottom of Shelby Farms. More of that in the future.

Paperwork day today at work. You can never do enough paperwork. Speaking of endless paperwork, Shelby County Employee’s were hard at work today. The women in the office complained that the women’s toilet was broken in the restroom (going on 6 WEEKS now). A county employee came by and said the toilet had been fixed, but the county staff forgot to take the “TOILET BROKEN” sign off the bathroom stall. Genius! But wait, it gets better. The women checked the “fixed” toilet out. The toilet was STILL BROKEN. How many weeks does it take for Shelby County Employee’s to fix a broken toilet? Apparently more that six weeks. Go Shelby County Employee’s! (Hopefully this county employee will never have to work fast food. “Burger and fries? I’ll have that ready in…. six weeks!”)

Heading home, I felt the hot wind in my face. The ride home was slower. My guess? Averaging 7 m.p.h. Yeah slow. Sweat dripped into my face and eyes. I was soaked. Looks like I will have to get out the headband to absorb the sweat.

Arriving home, I ate dinner then headed to Walgreen’s (formerly Ikes) on Union. I needed beer. Dressed in my Misfits t-shirt, I headed for the beer aisle. After a minute I heard a call on the store p.a. system. Code “something” to the beer aisle. I looked around. I was the only person in the beer aisle. Nothing looked amiss. The manager walked to the beer aisle and began to walk up and down the aisle, acting as though he was looking for something. “Uh… I’m not stealing your beer.” Since he was playing games, I thought I would join in. I began to follow “him” around the beer aisle. After a few minutes he tired of me following him, sending a store employee to mop a three-foot section of the floor in the beer aisle (watching me as he mopped). “Uh… really… I’m BUYING the beer, not stealing it”). Upset or angry? Not really. I thought it was funny more than anything else. Maybe next time I will walk into the store wearing a “Walgreen’s” shirt. Just sayin’. (A CVS t-shirt would be funnier though).

(I am in a wicked mood today!)

I did read a review from usatoday.com about the new Google Nexus 7. The tablet runs the Android operating system, has a camera, wi-fi only, 8/16 GB, 7 inch screen, and the tablet only costs $199 (extra $ for 16 GB). Finally an answer to Apple. If Apple DID come out with a smaller Ipad for $200, I would purchase the Ipad. I’m waiting Apple…. Read the entire review of Google Nexus HERE from usatoday.com.

My plans for tonight? Watering the plants and drinking beer. Tomorrow? Republic Coffee and reading some books. Cheers!

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Memphis Events:

First Thursday Cooper Young – July 5th. Check out the restaurants and people watch in Cooper Young Thursday evening. See YOU there.

Cycle Memphis 1 Year Anniversary Ride – July 7th 7:00 p.m. Corner of Cooper / Young. I attended the first ride a year ago. Go!

Bluff City Backsliders – July 19 Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Side Street Steppers – July 26 Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Jeremy Shrader & the Hot Memphis Four – Aug. 2. Shelby Farms Concert Series 6:30 p.m. FREE ($5 parking)

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012