Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some. Cool temps this morning. 67 degrees to be exact. Loved it.

More morning book reading. I love reading my book early. Right now I have completed over 25% of the book.

Coffee done, I headed down the Greenline. Good morning ride.

Work was busy. Glad to have the day over. “Can I wear shorts on Thursday?” Since I will be outside for a few hours, working in the heat, I figure shorts will help.

Ride home? Good. Except near the end of the Greenline. At the Highland intersection I waited to cross the intersection. My light turned green and I crossed the intersection. And 1 car decided he didn’t have to stop on red. Uh… I’m right in front of you. STOP!

Shorter different post today. My wife was surfing the web this morning and that laptop caught a virus. I am currently using the IPod and WP app. The virus scan is currently at 66% completed. Just another hour to go…

Stopped by Raffes for beer. Hello Paulaner! Loving my beer.

See YOU here for Thirsty Thursday. Cheers.