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Manic Monday Midtown. My day started at 6:00 a.m. It hurts to type the time.

And yes, I was at Coffee Town at 6:20 a.m. “Why are you here so early?” I am asking the same question. The answer to the question is a meeting at work at 8:00 a.m. That means I have to start my ride at 6:30 a.m. which gives me enough time to clean up and dress for work. I chugged my coffee and was out the door.

Thinking back, I don’t remember much about the bike ride to work. At 6:30 a.m., there are not many people out along the Greenline. And, NO BROKEN GLASS, at the Tillman end of the Greenline. (I swept the broken glass up on Saturday. I HATE BROKEN GLASS!) The morning ride was good. After pushing play on the Ipod (my favorite current playlist “Tuesday” {yes I know it is Monday}) I began my trek to work. The pace was good this morning. Although I was sleepy, I pushed myself forward. 11.2 miles later, I was at work. Time for my meeting at work.

The work day was very busy. Better than I expected though. The rain didn’t help near the end of the day. My wife called and asked if I needed a ride home. Rain was coming down in many parts of Memphis. Okay, no bike ride home today. I locked my bike at work and drove home.

Hey Ty, what are YOU drinking? How about Magic Hat #9.

I have attended beer festivals where this beer has been featured. No line for the beer. Let me state that again; there was no line for this beer. “I’ll have another. I’ll have another. I’ll have another.” I kept returning to the Magic Hat booth. The name throws people off probably. Magic Hat #9 is GOOD! Try it Midtown.

Alright Midtown, I am done. See YOU back here tomorrow for more coffee, beer and bikes. Cheers.

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Memphis Events:

Troen – June 21st 7:30 p.m. Levitt Shell – Irish Music!

The NEW Square – June 15th – 3:00 -7:30 p.m. Overton Square – Bands, food and fun! Go!

Sock It To Me Burlesque – June 30th 9:00 p.m. Hi-Tone $10. Go!

Cycle Memphis 1 Year Anniversary Ride – July 7th 7:00 p.m. Corner of Cooper / Young. I attended the first ride a year ago. Go!

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival – 10/13/2012