If you enjoy sci-fi like I do, then you may have already checked out the movie “Prometheus”. I have to say Prometheus does the job of scaring movie goers.

Let’s start at the top. The cast. Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce & Logan Marshall-Green. All of the cast are top-notch, the only cast member that was an issue for me was Logan Marshall-Green. I guess the movie needed a pretty boy for the part. Rapace does not stand out in the movie until the last quarter of the movie, then she really shines (think Ellen Ripley). Michael Fassbender plays it flat as an android, but he does a good job. Charlize Theron plays it up as the cold, tough bad girl. The opening shots of landscapes are beautiful. The soundtrack? I didn’t enjoy the main theme, but I did enjoy most of the other parts of the soundtrack. And yes, I will probably purchase the soundtrack sooner than later.

My only makeup complaint? The “old man” makeup for Guy Pearce will not win any awards. Sorry. I just didn’t buy it.

Creepy? Yes. The first two deaths in the movie are “Alien” creepy. The scene when Noomi cuts the alien out of her own body is nasty as well.

Spoiler alert! Just about everyone dies. Almost everyone. The ending of the movie leaves an opening for sequel to the prequel (sprequel?).

Best scene of the movie? Near the end when the pilot climbs into the chair. Oh yeah baby. Sci-fi sweetness! Take me right back to the movie “Alien”. The alien scenes are good. Not as good as the original “Alien” or “Aliens” but still good. And then you have to think in terms of the “good alien” (but turns into a bad alien) and “bad alien” (the acid blood kind).

Over all I believe the plot and script could have been tighter. And don’t keep me guessing about the plot three-quarters into the movie. There were a few problems with the movie overall, but for the most part “Prometheus” delivers.

Yes I watched the movie in 3-D. I really liked the movie. Think of “Prometheus” as a movie made up of all the good things you enjoy about “Alien” and “Aliens” (I will not discuss the “other” two movies in the series). Go see “Prometheus” and get scared!