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Three day weekend Midtown. Enjoy your days off!

Rewind. What happened yesterday? Dinner? Memphis Pizza Cafe. You can always count on MPC for dinner.

And yes, Memphis Pizza Cafe WILL BE OPEN MONDAY.

Favorite sticker I have recently found? Thanks MPC!

Oh yeah, and then I entered the Twilight Zone. What? I needed to stop by the store. At the corner of Highland and Walnut Grove Road, there was a car accident. Okay… I enter the parking lot, only to see a second car accident. Okay… I enter the store. After purchasing a few items, I exit the store. As I am driving out of the parking lot, all of the lights in the parking lot go out. And in the stores. And the street lights and traffic lights go out. It’s the zombie apocalypse! Where are Shaun and Ed to save the day? Oh wait. It’s NOT the zombie apocalypse. Sorry for the false alarm.

I did get beer though.

Sunday? Shopping for work clothes (not fun). Then coffee. I sat and watched the world slide by at Coffee Town. Dinner? Mulan Bistro in Cooper Young. Pad Thai Chicken. Get it. The chicken has just the right amount of heat. Try it. And Scott is a very good waiter. Thank you!

A couple of more notes. I received a gift card from a local restaurant recently just for writing about my visit for lunch. I support local restaurants and so should you. I don’t eat at the big chain restaurants. Why should I? Cooper Young offers a great selection of food for low prices with better tasting food than the big box restaurant chains. It is nice to get credit for telling readers about local restaurants. Thanks!

Cycling apps? The NY Times has the article. Read more about cycling apps here.

Time to get the coals hot on the grill. See YOU back here tomorrow for more coffee, beers, and food. Cheers!

Memphis Events:

D’Mar and Gill – May 27th 6:00 p.m. Levitt Shell. Go!

First Thursday Cooper Young – June 7th. Go!

The NEW Square – June 15th – 3:00 -7:30 p.m. Overton Square – Bands, food and fun! Go!

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival – 10/13/2012