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Loving the weekend Midtown? The day off from work is excellent. Sleep late, burger and fries, a nap and then some fresh fruit. You can’t beat it.

Last night, we attended the Memphis Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Carmina Burana.

First, I have to inform you that I worked for an orchestra for 10 years. No, I wasn’t a horn player. I worked on the business side of things. (I also worked at various theaters at the same time, giving me the chance to catch many live performances). Yes, I have been to a few performances of Carmina Burana. Yes, I have the cd. Yes, I know the music front to back. And the performance of Carmina Burana at the Cannon Center Saturday night was excellent. One of the biggest obstacles of performing the show is you need a strong orchestra. Then you need a LARGE chorus. But you also need a children’s chorus. Done? No. You also require some vocalists to sing at certain points during the production. To sum it up you have a full orchestra on stage with a 100 person chorus. Then the 40 person children’s chorus. And add in your guest vocalists. With everyone on stage, there wasn’t much room to move.

Hey, you worked for an orchestra for 10 years and never have been to a MSO concert? Yeah. I know. It was time to fix that. First up, Mei-Ann Chen as a conductor is HUGE for Memphis. Talk about power and energy. I can’t say enough good things about her. Sharp and powerful, Mei-Ann Chen commands the orchestra with precision. Next. The orchestra is excellent. I forgot how great orchestra’s sound in a concert hall. Next The Memphis Symphony Chorus was great as well. Shake the hall with your voices people. Next. The guest vocalists were excellent. Priti Gandi sang her heart out. I would love to see her again. John McVeigh and Philip Cutlip rounded out the vocalist section.

Translation? Yes, the performance was translated above the stage in the background. I didn’t need the translation so much, but it was helpful to others who were new to the performance.

From the opening notes of Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi, I knew the performance would be outstanding. The chorus filled the hall with sound that made you think you were in Valhalla. Later on, the children’s chorus sang, and they were perfect. Other items to note; I watched as the pianists shook the piano’s with energy as they played (yes there were TWO piano’s on stage). The most telling moment of the evening was the closer; Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi. A repeat of the opener, many members of the chorus were caught up in the performance. You could see it on their faces. The chorus poured their hearts out. Carmina Burana for a chorus is like giving someone a sports car to drive on the autobahn. The chorus rocked out.

As the performance ended, the audience gave the performers a standing ovation. Really, Carmina Burana performed by MSO was a great night. Please do not wait 27 years to do this performance again. If you do not own a copy of Carmina Burana, you can purchase the music online. Check it out. I love it.

As a side note, I received an email from the orchestra informing me that most parking lots would be full near the concert hall because of other events at the same time. We parked our car near Double J BBQ near South Main, then took the trolley to the Cannon Center. 25 cents each (discounted fare Saturday) and we landed right in front of the Cannon Center. Worked out great.

Since it is Sunday, I slept in late. Hmmm… lunch. How about Hueys.

Hello Huey Burger

I have the same burger every single time. After lunch? Nap time. Naps are under rated. I used to nap last summer at work during my lunch hour. Loved it. After my nap, we headed to Easyway for fruit and veggies. Watermelon, banana’s, corn and potato’s made the list, all for the low price of $8. Can’t beat it Midtown.

Alright, I’m done for the weekend. Rest up, the work week is almost here. Plans for tomorrow are NOT a ride to work. Get ready for the rain Midtown. See YOU back here tomorrow for more love, coffee and Carmina Burana. Cheers.

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