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Is it hot enough for you Midtown? It’s HOT outside!

My day began at 9:00 a.m. “Wake up!” I watched some t.v. and then had to figure out what to do for lunch. After showering, I unlocked my bicycle. First stop; Central BBQ. And yet again, as I rolled by, Central BBQ’s lunch line was 15 people deep out the front door. I like you Central BBQ, I just don’t like the wait in line. Next stop? The corner of Cooper and Young. I pulled my bike up, locked the bike to the railing, and sat down on the patio of Young Avenue Deli.

The waitress took my order; the “Politically Incorrect Sandwich”. I get this sandwich EVERY TIME I go here.

The tables around me were full of young kids (okay mid twenties) talking about their busy lives. I have to say Cooper Young may be the EXACT center of the universe. Or at least the corner keeps you interested just with people watching alone.

I finished my sandwich and jumped back on my bicycle. As soon as I arrived home, it was “laundry time”. Oh, the joy. But wait. I downloaded a book to my Kindle. (One click shopping! One click “loaning” is another matter) “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau. The book is very interesting. Even if you are not ready to quit your day job, see how THOUSANDS of people have made a lot of money by doing things they really enjoy. The book is good. And the stories about average joe / jane succeeding in the business world alone makes good reading.

Plans for tonight? First dinner with a friend. Next up? Carmina Burana with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Love me the Carmina Burana.

See YOU back here tomorrow for more bikes, books and sandwiches. Cheers!

Memphis Events:

Bikesploitation II – May 19th 6:30 p.m. – 10:15 p.m. Read more about it here at Facebook. (Thanks Sarah!)

Carmina Burana – Memphis Symphony May 19 and 20th. Go!

Memphis Zombie Massacre – May 25th Downtown. Go!

Zoo Brew – May 25 7:00 p.m. Go! (Hint, head to the high gravity beers when the gate opens. This line gets long!) Love the Zoo Brew.

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival – 10/13/2012