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Seis de Mayo Midtown. Didja have fun this weekend?

Not much happened today. I frankly wanted to stay inside, out of the heat. My wife had a shower to attend, so I decided to bike up to Otherlands Coffee Shop.

Easy enough. I took a book and that was about it. If I’m riding in the neighborhood, sometimes I feel lazy and do not take my tool kit along. I pulled up to the coffee shop and locked up my bike. I even left helmet sitting in my basket. Question; do you take your helmet inside of a shop with you, or leave it outside with your bike? Just wondering.

Since I now know that Otherlands closes at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, I decided to head over to Republic Coffee.

Love in a cup.

I know Republic stays open till midnight. “Iced Coffee?” the barista asked. “WHAT? That will keep me awake past midnight! Tea please.” I sat and read my book “Money Ball”, (yes the book the movie was based on). Good book.

Does the evening sound like my “Great Iced Coffee Bike Tour“? It was not, BUT I really need to do that tour again soon. Just so you know, the GICB Tour happened last year during the summer (June 4th), with stops at Republic, Eclectic, Starbucks, Otherlands and Java Cabana. I remember the temperature was very hot that day. LOTS OF COFFEE was had. Cold coffee. Fun, but really tiring.

On my way to Republic my route took me by the skateboard park. Lots of kids in the skateboard park today. I’m glad Memphis put the park in. This gives the kids something to do.

To end the evening, my wife picked up some Angry Orchard cider at the store. Mmmm…. Hot day, cold cider.

Oh, and the Super Moon last night? Here is the FANTASTIC picture I shot last night. Notice how great the view was.

Yeah, those clouds ruined my shot. I never did see the “Super Moon”.

Have a great work week Midtown. I will see YOU back here tomorrow for more cider, coffee and bikes. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

Memphis Library Book Sale – May 11-12. Cheap books. Buy ‘em by the box.

Bike to work: May 18th “Bike To Work Day 2012″

Carmina Burana – Memphis Symphony May 19 and 20th. Go!

Memphis Zombie Massacre – May 25th Downtown. Go!

Zoo Brew – May 25 7:00 p.m. Go! (Hint, head to the high gravity beers when the gate opens. This line gets long!) Love the Zoo Brew.

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival – 10/13/2012