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Manic Monday Midtown. My day has been… weird.

Got my coffee this morning, late as usual. No, I didn’t ride my bicycle to work. Part of my job required that I go offsite today. I “do” plan to ride to work tomorrow. Since my work schedule is changing, some days I start early, some days I begin at noon. Talk about a roller coaster of a ride for the next few weeks.

Now I know why I commute by bicycle. Driving home on the highway, I noticed a truck overloaded with junk. Noticing something large waving in the wind, I pulled a few lanes over. The car behind me didn’t like my slower speed, so he sped up to get around me. Just then, whatever was flapping in the wind flew off the truck and into traffic. The car that passed me shattered whatever was thrown into the path of traffic. Hmmm… I will stick to the Greenline.

We rented “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” tonight. Light movie watching? No. The movie has an “edgy” feel to it. Disturbing? Yeah. Did I read the book? No. Most books I read are never on any 100 top best seller lists. Or if the book is, it takes me years to get around to reading the book. I didn’t realize movie studio’s are now using Sharpie markers to label their movies.

Should you watch the movie? Depends on how creeped out you want to get. The ending of the movie? Weird.

The Memphis Daily News reports that Local Gastropub is moving into the building on the corner of Cooper and Madison (2126 Madison). Doubtful I can keep up with all the new places opening in Midtown. I just got to Mulan a couple of months ago. Now the new Chiwawa’s and Local Gastropub will be added to my list of places to try. And then there is the new Central BBQ that will open downtown soon as well as Grawemeyer’s downtown that is already open. Read more here from the Memphis Daily News.

Alright I’m done for the evening. Time for a beer and bed. See you back here tomorrow for more girls with dragon tattoo’s, new restaurants and beer. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

First Thursday – May 3rd – Cooper Young Thursday evening. Get out, see people, have a drink and eat some food. Oh yeah, there are usually bands playing as well.

Memphis Library Book Sale – May 11-12. Cheap books. Buy ‘em by the box.

Bike to work: May 18th “Bike To Work Day 2012″

Carmina Burana – Memphis Symphony May 19 and 20th. Go!

Memphis Zombie Massacre – May 25th Downtown. Go!

Zoo Brew – May 25 7:00 p.m. Go! (Hint, head to the high gravity beers when the gate opens. This line gets long!) Love the Zoo Brew.

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival – 10/13/2012