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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Start drinking now!

Well this was an interesting day Midtown. Let’s start at the beginning. Yes, I ordered coffee. Yes I ordered a waffle. (I’m a day late for the waffle, but who’s counting.) I ride my bike to work. I have a great pace today. All is going well, until… 6.5 miles into the ride. As I rode into Shelby Farms the skies opened up and it poured. Here is where I had the problem. Instead of just stopping and putting on my rain poncho, I rode a couple of minutes to get to the tree line. Note to self and others. When it rains and you have a raincoat, STOP and put the raincoat on. After I put the raincoat on, my ride was fine. The rain lasted for ten minutes. This is the third time in ten months that I have used the raincoat. Yes I was slightly damp when I arrived at work, but no worries. I turned on a fan and dried my shirt and shorts out.

I discovered at work that we may move to Collierville. That would turn my 11.2 miles bike ride into 20.something mile bike ride. Hmmm… I have a couple of solutions. I could ride the bus into East Memphis, then ride my bike to Collierville. That would work. I could buy a scooter. I could buy an electric bicycle. I refuse to spend $200 a month on gas (that is at “current” gas prices). Nothing is written in stone yet and I have time to figure out what I will do.

Time for “I told you so”. I found both of these articles from Facebook. If you like a business, like their Facebook page so you can find specials, discounts, ect. First up; Central BBQ. From my post on Sunday, I said Central had big plans for Memphis. The news is out. Central will open a space downtown at 147 E. Butler Ave. If you are familiar with Double J Smokehouse, the space is located behind and to the right of Double J. This should be interesting. Read the article from Memphis Daily News here. I told you so.

Second “I told you so”. Memphis Magazine has recently reviewed Rizzo’s Diner. Guess what? They loved Rizzo’s Diner. I’ve been to Rizzo’s Diner a few times and the food is excellent. Go! Here are a few hints. Sit in the back room if you can. It’s cool back there. Also, get that ice cream sandwich banana split. The dish is EXCELLENT. Chef Michael Patrick deserves all the credit. He is a food genius. I will say it again; GO! I told you so.

After I arrived home, we stopped by Cooper Young for First Thursday. Hello Alchemy. Sign me up for the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. And I will also have the mac and cheese please. The food was spicy and great. While sitting on the patio we listened to the band “Velvet Revolution”. The band played music from the 50’s and 60’s. Great name for the band guys. Cooper Young is diverse. I love people watching while sitting near Cooper Young. You see all kinds of people; from A to Z and everything in between. Very interesting.

The weekend is almost here Midtown. Get ready for more crawfish. Come back tomorrow for more coffee, waffles and love. Cheers. Oh, and check out the events below.

Overton Square Crawfish Festival, April 7th 12-6. Plus bike ride 10:00 a.m.

Tour de Grizz April 7th. 5:30 p.m. Sounds like fun. Go!

Cycle Memphis April 14th. Meet t 8:00 p.m. at Cooper Young. Go!

Memphis Brew Fest: April 21st. Go!

The Tempest – Shelby Farms April 11-22.

V & E Greenline Artswalk – 4/21/2012 10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Go!

Bike to work: May 18th “Bike To Work Day 2012″

Carmina Burana – Memphis Symphony May 19 and 20th. Go!

Zoo Brew – May 25 7:00 p.m. Go! (Hint, head to the high gravity beers when the gate opens. This line gets long!) Love the Zoo Brew.

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012