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Manic Monday Midtown. I have way to much to discuss and not much energy, so let’s get started.

You know the words. “I started out at the coffee shop”. Yup. My day began with some coffee and news. I then jumped on my bike and headed down the Greenline to work. I attempted to get a good pace started, but I felt slower this morning. As I neared Shelby Farms the more cyclists I saw. And then things became difficult. As I attempted to cross Walnut Grove Rd. the motorist to my right decided she was way more important and drove thru the intersection, without waiting for me to finish crossing the intersection. Yeah. Hey. Go ahead. I doubt she even saw me cross the street.

After I crossed the street, I headed down the “Road Closed To Thru Traffic” portion of the Farm Road. What do I see? Glass. A broken bottle? Really? I hate broken glass. It is my arch-enemy, broken glass.

BUT… I finished the ride strong.

By five o’clock it was time to reverse my ride. Crossing Walnut Grove Rd, I noticed many people on bikes in the park. I try to be cool with a wave to everyone and say hello when I pass people along the Greenline. Today EVERYONE was waving and saying hello to me before I had a chance to raise my hand. I have to say the cyclists in Memphis are extremely nice and friendly. It makes me feel good to be out riding with such great people. Like I said before… get a bike. Get outside. Your gonna love it.

Dinner tonight?

Oh yeah baby. Grilled steak, burgers, sausage and chicken. Let me say that the sausage was AWESOME. These pictures are making me hungry! For those of you playing at home, that’s Double J Smokehouse on Friday, Mudbugs on Saturday, Central BBQ Buffet on Sunday and grilled steak tonight. Hmmm… we eat meat. Now on to important stuff.

www.ilovememphisblog.com (which I read daily and you should too) posted some very interesting information about the new Beale Street Landing. Good pictures and good information. I will have to investigate the landing soon. You should too.

Memphis Daily News featured the lineup for the Live at the Gardens Series.  Chicago  June 16, Seal July 27, Duran Duran Aug. 17, Lynyrd Skynyrd Aug. 31, Bonnie Raitt Oct. 5. Read more from the Garden itself here.

The Levitt Shell came out with the new schedule for 2012. Read all about it here. Never been? Go! Wait. What do I take to the Shell events? Lawn chairs or a blanket, a cooler if you want. Maybe some wine and cheese. If not, the Shell has food and drinks for sale as well. Some attendee’s bring tables and a large amount of food. Got kids? Bring ’em. The kids usually run thru the park, chasing each other for hours. When the show begins, the kids all crowd to the front of the stage to dance. Best part? The shows are FREE to the public. Go! Take a few dollars and donate to the Shell when the bucket comes around. My prediction? The crowds will be large this year. We LOVE attending Shell events. Plan for this year? Ride my bike to the Shell for the show.

Alright. I’m beat. Time for a cold drink then bed. See you back here tomorrow for more steak, shows and coffee. Cheers. And read below about events near you!

Italian Film Festival April 3rd U of M. Italian Film Festival

Don Pasquale 4-3-12 Go!

First Thursday @ Cooper Young April 5th. Go! (4th anniversary party).

Overton Square Crawfish Festival, April 7th 12-6. Plus bike ride 10:00 a.m.

Memphis Brew Fest: April 21st. Go!

Bike to work: May 18th(?) “Bike To Work Day 2012″

The Tempest – Shelby Farms April 11-22.

Carmina Burana – Memphis Symphony May 19 and 20th. Go!