There is a new kid on the block. Double J Smokehouse. The rumors are true. This kid comes out swinging. Hard. Other BBQ joints in Memphis should be afraid. Very afraid.

We had many places to choose from for dinner tonight. “Hey, why not try out the Double J Smokehouse?”. I have been wanting to give the place a try. Rumor has it that Double J has an excellent crew handling the food in the kitchen. Was it true? You better believe it.

My wife ordered the wings. She loves wings. I ordered the Double J Burger. How good was the food? Let me state I am not a “wing person”. I usually do not order wings. When our “smoked and flash fried” wings came out of the kitchen, the wings were hot. Both temperature hot and spicy hot. And tangy. Wow! The flavor of the wings will knock your taste buds over. These wings were so good. “These are some of the best wings in town”, my wife commented. I have to agree. These wings can EASILY be ranked as the top three wings in Memphis. BEST in Memphis? Possibly. Really. Order the wings!

Wait. How was the burger?

My prediction is that Double J Smokehouse burger will be ranked in the top three burgers in Memphis. Possibly even number one. This burger has flavor! Great flavor. These are not “Plain Jane, average” burgers you get at other places. These are the burgers you wish you could create. My wife kept asking me for a bite of the burger. This never happens. Grilled to perfection, that burger was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. Like I said, there is a new kid in town, and Double J Smokehouse is not messing around when it comes to food. “Hey, you’ve got big buns” I told the owner. (I had questions, and he appeared to be in charge.) Those buns are big and tasty. The bun is a perfect companion to the burger. The buns are so big and sweet, you will have trouble fitting that burger in your mouth. We spoke for a few minutes about the food with the owner. Talk to him. He is a great guy and wants to know what you think about the food and the place.

Memphis and tourists, go to Double J Smokehouse. I will be going back, and I’m bringing friends.

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