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Manic Monday Midtown. I hope you were ready for the work week, because HERE IT IS.

I started my day at Republic Coffee with some coffee and news. I was curious to find out how my bike ride would turn out this morning. Since I had the flu last week, I didn’t ride my bike to work for a week. Now that I have recovered for the most part, I was anxious to get back on the road / Greenline. My pace was good this morning. I really enjoy an even pace. Not to fast, but not to slow. Good ride. I saw the West / East commuter this morning. He does the same commute as I do, only in reverse. We usually see each other at some point along the Greenline. He now waves at me when he sees me. I guess after nearly one year he figures I am not just a weekend warrior.

Which brings up the fact that a few days ago marked 10 months of biking to work. 22.4 miles a day round trip. It may sound like a lot, but the miles are fairly easy. Hey, I’m on the Greenline for the most part, and then head south into Shelby Farms.

Which brings me to “I’m on a Motherfucking Bike”. I found the video at www.bikenoob.com. You can check out the video here at youtube.com. I usually do not act like that while out riding, except for intersections, when motorists attempt to kill me (Walnut Grove Rd and Farm Road, bottom of Shelby Farms). You can get your t-shirts at the MF Bike Store.

Which brings me to an interview. Wait. What? Yes. I sat down with two performers and quizzed them about “burlesque”. Never been to a burlesque show before? Curious? Well here are some answers to your burning questions from Sock It To Me Burlesque performers.

Living Loud “WHY people should go to a burlesque show at the Brass Door, especially if they have never been to a burlesque show.”

Mistress of the Mic, Chloe du Bois “The Brass Door is a beautiful new Irish pub downtown, family friendly during the day, no smoking, wonderful management, and I hear they have duck fat fries!! The only thing that could make that place better is a burlesque show, and if you have never seen burlesque, let us break you in right! Sock It To Me Burlesque is made up of several local burlesque favorites, and some new gals on the scene! If you like fun, you will love burlesque! In addition to burlesque dancers, we also have a singer and fire performer…yes, there will be fire!!”

Living Loud “How long you have been singing and performing with burlesque groups?”

Chloe du Bois “Some people may know me from TNT Burlesque, I performed with them a little over a year, and then shimmied my way over to my new home, Sock It To Me Burlesque! I have been singing with these ladies now for over a year, in different troupes and shows. We all have a great bond and are super excited to all be performing together as a troupe!”

(I’ve heard Chloe du Bois sing at a few shows. This woman CAN SING!)

And now some questions for one of the lovely dancers of Sock it To Me Burlesque.

Living Loud “What is your stage name and how did you come up with it?”

Lady Doo Moi “A bottle of wine and devine intervention! I’m FRENCH BIO’TCH!”

Living Loud “Well the French ARE known for their wine. How long have you been a burlesque dancer?”

Lady Doo Moi “4 years.”

Living Loud “Wow. That’s a long while. Do you ever get nervous before or while on stage?”

Lady Doo Moi “All the time!”

I’ve seen Lady Doo Moi on stage. She didn’t look nervous to me. And that is only part one of the interview. Come back in the following days for more of the interview. Never been to a burlesque show? Go! They are fun to attend! Want more information? Get more Sock It To Me Burlesque info. here.

Alright. I hope you enjoyed some burlesque, MF bikes, and coffee. Come back tomorrow for more love. Bored? Need something to do? Check out the events below:

Trolley Night: Downtown South Main. March 30th. Art, wine and fun. Go!

And if you are downtown for Trolley Night, might as well go by the Brass Door for the Sock It To Me Burlesque Show. $10, 21+. Go!

Italian Film Festival March 27th, March 29th and April 3rd U of M. Italian Film Festival.

Mudbugs in March, Court Square downtown, Sat. Mar. 31st, 2:30 – 6:30 p.m.

River City Brewers Festival: March 31st. Go!

First Thursday @ Cooper Young April 5th. Go! (4th anniversary party).

Overton Square Crawfish Festival, April 7th 12-6.

Memphis Brew Fest: April 21st. Go!

Bike to work: May 18th(?) “Bike To Work Day 2012”