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Finally Friday Midtown. You know what that means;

waffles. Yes, “your supposed to have waffles on Wednesday”. Didn’t happen. So I sat and read the news this morning and had my waffle.

Not much happening in the news department. Dinner tonight? Fish and veggies. If you want to lose weight, I recommend having fish at least two times a week for dinner. That’s how I lost weight many years ago.

Here is something new.

Yes, I worked in show business for 15 years. Yes I worked a few McGraw shows. No I do not have any good stories from the shows…. Or do I? One of the last shows I worked, I was actually working 3 shows at the same time. Sometimes that happens. Basically I had to babysit two shows while working another. So the day after the show I start getting phone calls at work. Production screwed up the floor plan and ended up moving the first dozen rows of audience members to the back half of the venue. (My plan WOULD have been to stagger the rows towards the back, row one is now row two, row two is now row four, row four is now row six, ect. But brain surgeons had the better idea to infuriate people, just put ’em in the back.) Remember I have no idea this is occurring; they didn’t tell me about the problem until the next day. And production thought it was funny to give out my name and telephone number to upset audience members. The complaints were dragged out for months because of another genius  who refused to reply to my emails and phone calls. But in the end production did take the blame for the mistake and we’re all friends now. (Well the last part is a lie. They did take the blame, but we’re not friends. And doubtful we will ever be friends, ever. EVVVERRR.) Hint. If you suck at your job, just quit and make everyone’s life easier. Why torture everyone else.

Plans for Saturday? Lots. Get new plants for the flower beds. Weed the flower beds. Play PS3 Skyrim. Get a haircut. Get coffee. Go out to dinner with friends. Shop for a new bike helmet for summer (looking for something white and puts air on my noggin). Put together weight bench. “Oh, hello free weights. How long has it been? Years?”

The weather should be beautiful tomorrow. Go out and enjoy your day. Oh and check out the events coming to YOU soon.

Trolley Night: Downtown South Main. March 30th. Art, wine and fun. Go!

And if you are downtown for Trolley Night, might as well go by the Brass Door for the Sock It To Me Burlesque Show. $10, 21+. Go!

Italian Film Festival March 27th, March 29th and April 3rd U of M. Italian Film Festival.

River City Brewers Festival: March 31st. Go!

First Thursday @ Cooper Young April 5th. Go! (4th anniversary party).

Memphis Brew Fest: April 21st. Go!

Bike to work: May 18th(?) “Bike To Work Day 2012”