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Thirsty Thursday. Get ready to rock. I’m making up for those sick days. Here is your “extra double wide, all beef patty, 25% more, but wait we will double your order, with bacon on top” blog (and a side of special sauce!).

First up, Italian Film Festival. U or M. If you have a GREAT memory, you will remember that I attended the Italian Film Festival last year. Let me state a few things about the event. It is a FREE movie. The films are GREAT. The event is FREE. They gave us soda and snacks for FREE last year. So the ONLY thing YOU have to do is SHOW UP. I don’t know if they will follow suit this year with free soda and snacks, but I’m showing up for the movie. Another tip? Get there early enough to get a seat. Last year one event was near capacity. When? March 27th, March 29th and April 3rd. “All films have English subtitles, take place at the University Center Theater, and begin at 7:00 p.m.” Get more information here.

Reading the Memphis Flyer this morning, I read the article by John Branston (page 12). Although I usually like his contributions, I have a problem with a few of the lines in the article.

“Large numbers of Memphians are not going to trade in their cars for bicycles and ride them to work”.

I agree to a certain point. “Large numbers” may not trade in their cars for bikes. Correct. Maybe a “small” number will begin commuting to work by bike. Is the glass half empty or half full Mr. Branston? Is Memphis that bad?

“The answer isn’t bicycles or bike lanes”.

Bicycles and bike lanes are not the total answer. But bicycles and bike lanes could be PART of the answer. Yes, the city SHOULD make commuting by bike MORE DIFFICULT for its citizens. Why make it any easier to commute by bicycle? Those stripes in the street just get in the way and confuse motorists right? Give cyclists three feet? Are you kidding? Let’s NOT encourage our citizens to exercise. I have NO problem with someone driving their car to work. Go for it if that’s what you want to do. BUT, people should have a CHOICE to SPEND LESS MONEY and EXERCISE. Isn’t that what America is about; choice? You don’t have to be a pro to bike to work. My ancient bicycle cost a total of $25 at a garage sale. The bike has two tires, brakes, and two pedals. It works just fine and gets me to work daily. I wear old shoes, t-shirts and beat up shorts during my commute. The only thing you need to commute by bike is some effort, planning and a simple bike. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Speaking of which, here is an example. EVERY DAY, I see an old man riding his bike. I see him riding his bicycle along the western end of the Greenline. He then rides past Republic Coffee, goes over the Walnut Grove / Union bridge, and continues west along Union. Yes, he rides his bicycle along Union, in the street, and he HAS to be nearly 70 years old. Every single day I see him out and about. What is your excuse?

Oh and here is another winning line from the Memphis Flyer article; “moving closer to where you work”. That’s the answer. “I should move” to East Memphis. My wife and I both work in East Memphis, so I should move out of Midtown to get closer to work? Been there, done that (for two years). Guess what? Midtown beats East Memphis seven days a week. I enjoy my quality of life here in Midtown. I would rather bike to work daily, than move to East Memphis.

(Yep, I am perturbed.)

I read Corts blog daily (and you should as well). He has posted a couple of winners lately. First up; 3/22 “Where do you shop?” His point? Shop local. Easy Way? Oh yeah. Fresh fruit and veggies. Good for ya Midtown. And shop local!

Another good post is Cort’s “Bike To Work Day 2012” post. Consider it Midtown. While Cort is “suggesting” that I lead a group heading to East Memphis instead of downtown, I will have to knock that idea around for a bit. I believe the website lists the date for 2011, the date should be May 18th 2012??? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Time to climb down off the soap box and settle in for dinner. See YOU back here tomorrow for more coffee, bikes, fresh fruit, and film festivals. Cheers. Oh, and check out Memphis events listed below.

Trolley Night: Downtown South Main. March 30th. Art, wine and fun. Go!

And if you are downtown for Trolley Night, might as well go by the Brass Door for the Sock It To Me Burlesque Show. $10, 21+. Go!

Italian Film Festival March 27th, March 29th and April 3rd U of M. Italian Film Festival

River City Brewers Festival: March 31st. Go!

First Thursday @ Cooper Young April 5th. Go! (4th anniversary party).

Memphis Brew Fest: April 21st. Go!

Bike to work: May 18th(?) “Bike To Work Day 2012”