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Two For Tuesday Midtown. And back to work for me.

Even with four days off, I still haven’t recovered fully from this flu bug. Bike ride to work? Yeah right. I feel like I don’t know what my bike looks like anymore. At least I looked at my bike today, as I picked the bicycle up from work.

This morning I stumbled into Republic Coffee at 9:00 a.m., which is insanely late for me. Coffee? No. I had a cup of hot tea. I’m telling you, I’m not 100% yet. My lungs continue to hurt and I still feel tired. But slowly I am beginning to feel like a human again.

Want a deal today? Amazon.com is offering a deal for their gift cards. $5 for a $10 gift card. Why is this a good deal? That $10 e-book you have been wanting has just been slashed to $5. Ten dollars for an e-book? I’ll wait for a special. Five dollars for an e-book? Now that is a good price. Get your Amazon deal at here. (Don’t want to buy a book? You can use that $10 gift card on many other items from Amazon.com.)

Check out the article from the Commercial Appeal about the Overton Square project. I love the news about Cooper getting striped with bike lanes. You gotta love it Midtown. Read the story here from the Commercial Appeal.

Dinner tonight? Pho Saigon. Noodles and shrimp. Can’t beat it.

I will see YOU back here tomorrow for more tea, bike lanes and noodles. Cheers.