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What a day Midtown. Are you recovering from St. Patrick’s Day?

The weather was great outside today. I only stepped outside to make a quick run to Easy Way. Yeah, great day. We did end up grabbing some lunch from Central BBQ and dinner from Sonic. The joys of being sick.

I am feeling better. One day at a time.

We rented the movie “Fists of Steel”. Pass on it if you can. The movie is slow and although there are some good parts, most of the movie is cheesy.

I did catch up on some more reading. “Appetite for Destruction” by Mick Wall is a good book.

Rock on....

Sort of a blast from the past of 80’s and 90’s rock music. Although I have had the book for quite a while, I still have yet to finish the book. Still a good book though. I am currently reading the chapter about Motley Crue. “No, we’re not drug addicts, criminals, or alcoholics.”  Or so they told the journalist. Uh hu. Funny, I did work a few Motley shows and I do I have to say they were a tough group. No messing around with them.

Plans for tomorrow? I’m NOT riding my bike to work. Doubtful I would make it in my condition. Hopefully a cup of coffee in the morning and the morning news.

Right, time to get some rest and sleep. I’ve got this flu to kick. See you back here tomorrow for more Kleenex, cough drops, medication, orange juice and laughs.