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Yeah, I’m still sick. Here is a run down of what has been going in on the last few days.

Thursday I wasn’t feeling well. By Friday morning, after my bike ride to work, I didn’t feel well. By Friday afternoon I was REALLY not feeling well. I locked up my bike at work and my wife picked me up. Feeling terrible, I fell asleep quickly.

Waking up near noon, I was in terrible shape. I had a doctor’s appointment and set off to get some help. I saw a new doctor and she was great. The kind of doctor that became a doctor to HELP people. So she fixes me up with a prescription or three and sends in the nurse to give me some injections. I start to roll up my shirt sleeve, when she says, “Uh, uh honey. Lower those trowsers.” This is gonna hurt. “Which side?” I asked the nurse. “Both sides. I’m all about equal opportunity.” Great. So yeah, the injections to my backside felt like a wasp sting. Times two. Afterwards I told the nurse, “I would thank you, butt …”(pun intended). She said I would thank her in a few hours when I felt better. After spending $125 for medication (sick isn’t cheap) I was headed home to sleep some more.

Actually that is all I have been doing is sleeping. And reading books. I have just finished “Inside Scientology” by Janet Reitman. The reviews for the book are great. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the book, but I have to say, this is a good book. No I am not thinking of joining the group. But the book tells a great story of what exactly went on inside Scientology. You can read it as well, FREE, from the Memphis Library e-book section.

Although I haven’t watched much t.v., I did watch the movie Hugo. Great movie. Check it out. The movie is not what you think it is. The film reminded me of the movie “Amelie” which I also enjoyed. I also have watched some of the movie “Inception”. I have to. The film is on cable every single day it seems like. I did like “Inception” as well. The soundtrack is good. I was never the one to like DeCaprio, until this movie.

How about a blast from one year ago (when I wasn’t so sick)? Here I am having a beer one year ago for St. Patricks Day.

I would LOVE to be celebrating again today, but it will have to wait until I can kick this sickness. If you are celebrating, have one for me.

Alright, it is time for more medication; but before I go, check out THIS event. (and it you want me to mention YOUR event, send me a quick note)

Do you wanna feel good? Reallll good? Check out the new burlesque act in town “Sock It To Me Burlesque!”. Where? The Brass Door. The bar is a great place to eat and drink. Trust me, I’ve been there to do both and went back. The service is great as well as the food. Try having brunch on a Sunday morning there. And now for the show Friday March 30th. Here is the info:

“Sock It To Me Burlesque! gives their very first show at the latest addition to the Memphis pub scene, The Brass Door!  An authentic and upscale Irish pub in Downtown Memphis, with genuine Irish hospitality and a splendid selection of beers, Irish ale, mixed drinks and wines.  I hear they also have duck fat fries…and did I mention burlesque??!! Come see some of your local favorites and some new gals on the scene! Enjoy classic burlesque at its finest! Enjoy soothing tones and fiery performances sure to turn up the heat!  Dancing, singing, fire spinning…oh my!! Performers: Lady Doo Moi Madonna Putana Blackjack Kat Kissame Suga Chloe du Bois Aenya Little Fyre Cover $10 – 21+ http://www.facebook.com/SockItToMeBurlesque