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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

Funny, I was asked this morning if I wanted a waffle. “Well of course. It’s Waffle Wednesday.” The barista said, “That’s easy to remember.” Yup. I had my waffle and coffee and read some news.

Hey, if you are looking for some St. Patrick Day festivities, check out the article from the Memphis Daily News. Music, food and drinks at the Brass Door Downtown. Good place to go Midtown. Check the place out.

Biking into Shelby Farms this morning, I found this on the lake path:

“2012 Spring Break.” And that is my bikes shadow in the upper right corner of the picture.

Riding home from work, I was passed by a cyclist. Him – “This is the first time I’ve seen someone riding a bike with a motorcycle helmet.” Me – “It’s my winter helmet. And it’s cool.”

"I want your skull..."

I went on to explain how the helmet keeps my head warm in the winter, but I needed to find a new helmet for the summer. We chatted a bit and then he pulled ahead of me.

Further along the Memphis Greenline, I found this sign:

The race is April 7th, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Shelby Farms. 3 Mile Trail Run, 6 Mile Mountain Bike, 1 Mile Trail Run. This sounds FUN! I may be able to do this. Need more information? Go here to see the Wolfman Duathlon website.

Bicycles on the Greenline today? Oh yeah. Many people were out and about today. At one intersection, 6 cyclists waited to cross the street. Get out people, the Greenline is waiting for you. I like to call it the largest gym in Memphis. And it’s FREE for you to use.

Done. See you back here tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday. Cheers.