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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Hello warm weather!

I loved this morning. Ditching the three layers of pants and shirts felt great. I even packed my balaclava up for the year. See you in November or December balaclava! I also packed away the cold weather gloves as well. With my work clothes stored in the backpack, I hit the ground running, I mean cycling.

Shorts? Check. T-shirt? Check. Skull ring? Check. I’m back baby! There was no cold weather to hold me back. My ride time was good this morning. Loved the ride.

I enjoyed the work day by auditing a class. (Read stay late after work.) Leaving work at 6:30 p.m. I made quick time of the few miles to the top of Shelby Farms. I was pushing it. I had to push it. The sun was setting. I don’t mind riding in the dark with others, I mind riding in the dark alone. Oh and the bugs that kept flying in my face didn’t make for a fun ride home. It was only the last few miles that were not great, so I can’t complain too much. By the end of my ride I was sweat-ING.

F.Y.I., Republic Coffee tweeted “Server positions now available for at RC. Come see David or Jessica.” Tweeted yesterday (3/12/2012). Get to it.

Memphis Daily News reports Memphis leaders will be in Washington Wednesday to get funding for the Harahan Bridge Project. A link from Memphis to West Memphis? By bike you say? Sign me up! Read the story here from Memphis Daily News. I’m just wondering who will set up the new bike shop / rental stall and on which side of the river.

Tomorrow? Waffle Wednesday Midtown! Get out to Shelby Farms or the Greenline. The weather is beautiful. Cheers.