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The new Mulan Bistro, located at the corner of Cooper and Young in Midtown, will give you exceptional service.

So how about the food? My wife and I stopped in the restaurant Sunday at noon. I have to say the decor of the place is great. The interior appeared sleek and clean.

What did I order? The lunch special. You order one soup, a side of rice and the main dish. A small roll is added as well to the plate. How did the food taste? I ordered egg drop soup. I enjoy egg drop soup. This soup had a good amount of egg in it. While eating the soup, my wife and I noticed a slight taste of corn (maybe roasted corn?) in the soup. I have to say the corn flavor added a bonus to the soup. My vote? The egg drop soup was good.

The spring roll? The spring roll was okay. Some nice flavors were included in the roll, but I cannot say the roll was great.

Next up? The chicken fried rice. Yes the rice was “okay”. My only complaint? The chicken flavoring contained too much salt. There is a time and place for salt, but don’t over use the salt.

My main dish? Honey chicken.

I love honey chicken. The honey chicken sauce was good. The pineapple added to the dish was good as well. My complaint? The chicken itself was just “okay”. Once you were past the sauce, the chicken didn’t have much flavor itself. If the restaurant would only put as much work into the core of the dish as they do with the sauce, this restaurant would be great.

Soups and sauces? Very good. Service? Great. Decor? Very good. Price? Good. The core of the main dishes needs some work. I have to state that the customers at the next table over really enjoyed their dishes and said they would return again. Give Mulan Bistro a try Midtown.

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