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Hello weekend. Ready, set, go!

I usually sleep in late, but not today. I threw on some jeans and my Ramones t-shirt and headed to Republic Coffee. You know what time it is:

Waffle time! I talked to the staff about sports, video games and politics. Watching the world slide by in a coffee shop is a great way to start the day.

Reading the news, I noticed the city of Memphis is interested in buying the baseball stadium downtown. Bad idea. City and county owned facilities get downgraded quickly. Think about it. For example, take any business and let a government entity take over. There is no incentive for the government to make a dime. The city does not rely on the business for its paycheck. The city will always have money (or so the city government believes). The city does not have to answer to anyone. “Hey what about us voters? The city has to answer to us.” Nope. The city does not have to put one dime into upkeep for a facility. “It’s built, why put more money into the venue?” I have witnessed this example time and time again. City has venue, city lets venue go to waste. Eight years from now the city will decide the venue is “old” (20 years is “old” (read out dated) for a venue). Any venue has to be maintained. That costs money. Government agencies are terrible at maintaining venues or running a business. If you have visited a D.M.V. lately you know what I am talking about. Customer service? Yeah right.

Last nights recap? Tennessee Tease show at Newbys. Good crowd last night. The live band on stage was good as well. Hey, what about the burlesque show? Yes, that was good too. I found that the performers captivated the crowd. There is always the question of “what will happen next” with each performer. The routines vary for each performer. Oh yeah, and there was a fire dance. I enjoy live entertainment. Everything can right or everything can go wrong. Life on stage is living on the edge baby.

This afternoon I am headed out for a long lecture. Recap tomorrow. See you back here tomorrow for more coffee and burlesque. Cheers.