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Finally Friday Midtown. Welcome to the weekend. Here we go with another edition of the super, extra deluxe, how did that happen, wait what, I saw that too, post.

The morning started well. I had a good discussion with another manager about employee’s. Do your job. Do it right. Show up to work. Be nice. Not very difficult, but some people didn’t get the memo.

At work today I was standing upstairs looking downstairs at our company vehicles. Employee’s from a different company kept staring at me, finally asking me what I was doing. I told them I was looking at our vehicles. “Are you a private detective?”. My reply, “Not yet”. I should have said I was Magnum P.I. Okay, I was wearing all black today; black slacks, black shoes, black shirt and a black jacket. I’m the man in black. I didn’t plan to dress in dark colors today. It just happened.

Ah ha! In the news today; the U.S. government is looking into pricing for e-books. Apple and book publishers, you have been served. Or at least the government is looking hard at Apple and various publishing houses. Pricing collusion? Maybe. Here is my beef. Maybe someone in government woke up and read what most people who purchase e-books have been saying all along. I am supposed to pay $9.99 – $14 for an electronic book that I cannot give away, sell or share. As I buyer, I would imagine I have some rights to the item I purchased. I can give away, sell or share a bike. But not an e-book. I’ve always had trouble with that… and the price. I WANT to buy a new e-book. I have to WAIT to buy a paperback book because I will NOT pay $9.99 – $14 for an e-book that I will only read once and for a book that I cannot share or sell to anyone else. But I DO download e-books from the Memphis Library, for free. Yes, I do have a problem with “collusion”. Yes, I believe authors should get paid for their work. And yes, the market should be set up as a level playing field. Time to bring those e-book prices down, and I will BUY some more e-books. Read more about the governments look into e-books from the New York Times.

Doug over at www.bikinginmemphis.com (a blog YOU should read) sent out a tweet today; info. for Tour de Grizz. See more at the Grizzlies website. Tickets start at $25. I participated in the Tour de Bird last year to see a baseball game downtown (the ride was from Cooper Young to downtown). I have to say that ride was fun. So much fun, I can’t wait to ride my bike downtown, drink a beer, eat some hotdogs and watch a baseball game soon. Come on warm weather. Thanks for the update Doug.

Remember to enter to win tickets for the River City Brewers Festival this year over at Fuzzy Brew. I entered the contest, and you can too. River City Brewers Festival is March 31st. Go!

And speaking of beer; I gave a friend some idea’s of new beers to try. My friend said some Kroger locations are now allowing customers to build their own 6-pack. My friend added Hoegaarden, Magic Hat, and Fat Tire to his cart. The verdict? He LOVED the Hoegaarden beer. “Told you”. He LOVED Magic Hat. “Yup”. Give these beer a try Midtown. (Now I’m getting thirsty just typing the words). Yes, these beers may be old hat to some of you, but some beer drinkers only drink the mass marketed beers. Try new beer!

Dinner tonight? Ribs from Central BBQ. You can’t beat ribs in Memphis. Love me the ribs.

Hello ribs!

Driving back home, we encountered a dangerous situation. While driving south along E. Parkway S. my wife yelled “watch out!”. What? Two teens were riding bicycles, in the dark, without lights on the bikes, riding AGAINST traffic in the street. Bad idea. Basically the kids were cutting across the street without paying attention to traffic in the street. Riding a bike at night? Please use some lights.

Plans for tonight? Tennessee Tease is performing at Newby’s (near U of M area) at 9:00 p.m. tonight. Go! Burlesque is fun!

Tomorrow? Coffee, PS3 and Skyrim, and maybe a conference. See YOU here tomorrow. Cheers.