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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

Coffee? Check. Bike? Check. Windy? Double check. Yes, I had my morning coffee. After reading the news using my new cheap tablet, I headed out for the Greenline. For some insane reason I decided to ride faster than usual during my ride to work. Pedal. Pedal fast. All went well until near the end of the Greenline. The wind was blowing. Those hills at Shelby Farms? Joggers were making better time than the bike and I. Pushing the bike downhill would have been faster. The buffalo were out and about at Shelby Farms today.


Crossing Walnut Grove Road, the wind was in my face. Pedal. Pedal.. Pedal… My legs received a workout this morning. Every time the wind gusted, I said out loud, “Really?”.

At least the ride home was more enjoyable. I placed my jacket in my side basket and headed for the Greenline wearing a t-shirt. Come on warm weather! Many cyclists were out along the Greenline this afternoon. My one complaint? After this mornings ride, my body is sore. That morning ride did me in. Note to self, don’t rush to work tomorrow morning.

Yes, I am beat. Time to sleep. See you back here tomorrow for more buffalo and bikes. Cheers. Oh, and check out the events below coming your way soon.

Events? How about The Tennessee Tease performing at Newbys March 9th. Groupon had a half price discount for the show. I have my tickets, get yours. And just so you know, the last show was a sell out so don’t wait to buy tickets. Burlesque is good. Go!

Saturday March 10th 2:00 p.m. TN-Mufon will present a lecture at Southwest TN Community College (Macon Cove Location). Get info. here.