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Didja love today Midtown? I know I did. Where to start?

To get some exercise, we decided to walk to Otherlands Coffee Shop for some coffee and news. We enjoyed a nice walk through the quiet neighborhood. Arriving at the coffee shop, we placed our order and settled in to read the various newspapers.

After spending some time there, we headed home. Since we were hungry we decided to check into Republic Coffee for a BIG Cobb Salad. Yes, that makes two coffee shops in two hours.

Oh yeah, my new Nook Tablet. (This is my attempt at adding android software to a Nook to make the Nook into a tablet.) After spending 4 hours (directions say 30 minutes) attempting to set up the software, I finally got it right. From the reports I have read, this is a common problem. There are many variables with computers and software. Basically you just keep trying until one method works to make your Nook into a tablet. Now I have to figure out how to download apps to the tablet. I have to say for $75 + the cost of a micro card and a reader and writer, I have a nice tablet.

I hope you are ready for the work week because here it comes.