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Hello Weekend! Are you ready? Here we go.

I began my day at Republic Coffee. To quote MC Hammer, “Waffle Time!”. Yes I ordered a waffle to start the day. Love me the waffle. “Sir, do you have a waffle and coffee problem?”. Probably.

Next. I found someone who sold me a Nook Color for $75. I am turning the e-reader into an android tablet. We ended up talking for more than one hour about food and books. (“Sir, do you have a food and book problem?”. Probably.)

Next. Head out to check out some photographs. There will be a show coming up soon. More details coming soon. Here is a sample of some of the work by Jack Kenner. I have to say the photo’s are excellent. This is art.

I really want to spend some time with the photographer and ask questions. I saw twenty works and they looked great. Again, as soon as I know when the show opens, I will post it here as well as some discussion about his work.

I was able to snap a picture of the bike store on Mendenhall and Poplar.

My wife spoke to the owner and he said they sold a “ton” of bikes last weekend. From the amount of people I saw out on the Greenline recently, I believe him.

Next. Head over to Charlie’s Meat Market. Burgers and chicken. Done. The grill starts tomorrow.

Next. I received a call from a friend. She was at Otherlands Coffee Shop. (Yes, two coffee shops in one day. “Sir, do you have a coffee problem?” Probably.) I jumped on my bike and headed to the coffee shop. Pedal, pedal, pedal. We sat on the patio and spoke about many things; books, events, food, ect. Me- “I rode my bike here”. Her – “You did?”. Me – “The coffee shop is one mile away??? You could have jumped on your bike as well.” It was really easy.

Next. Home. I am getting ready to head to dinner downtown tonight. I have to say today was filled to the brim with stuff. And the upcoming week appears to be rocking. The weather is supposed to be great tomorrow. Get out!

See you here tomorrow for more waffles, burgers (on the grill), and Android Tablets. Cheers.