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Finally Friday Midtown. It’s coffee time.

So what happened to the storms that were supposed to tear into Memphis? I didn’t ride my bicycle to work because news reports stated the weather was going to be bad today. Okay, it was windy outside today. Very windy. Maybe it was a good idea not to ride my bicycle today.

I did stop at Coffee Town for my morning coffee.

I arrived at work and found THIS car parked in the parking lot:

This is the first time I’ve seen the “Flower Power” car. You go girl.

Plans for tomorrow? Coffee. Maybe a waffle. Some PS3 and Skyrim. And… I’m picking up a used Nook Color. Gotta deal, the hacking work starts tomorrow. Should be fun. I will post the outcome when I finish. Tomorrow night we are headed downtown for dinner with friends. Should be fun.

See you here tomorrow for love, coffee and maybe some waffles.