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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. I hope you have time to read because this is another extra super sized, make that a double, with bacon and cheese, oh and fry it, kind of blog today. And this post is brought to you by the letter “T”. Here we go.

Running on a better (read earlier) schedule this morning, I was able to stop in at Coffee Town for my “Wednesday waffle” and coffee.

Yes I know it is Thursday. I was running late yesterday, so no waffle. Today I had time to read the news and eat my waffle. Love me the waffle.

Finishing the waffle, I hit the ground running and made my way to the Greenline. My ride was nice, but slightly chilly. Arriving at work early, I changed into my work clothes and settled in to take a test. And guess what? I passed. I’m glad that is out-of-the-way. I have to audit some classes in the next few months and then I will be good to go.

After work, I headed back west along the Greenline. First, I packed shorts today. Long pants in the morning, shorts in the evening. Love the weather. Yes, that was me in the skull shorts,

and my Flogging Molly t-shirt (great band, check out Drunken Lullabies) with the skull helmet. Second, there were many people out today at Shelby Farms. Most days I am the only person at the corner waiting to cross Walnut Grove Road to enter the park. Today two people were waiting at the corner on my side of the intersection, two people on the other side waiting to cross the street and two more people riding up to us. Love the weather. Great ride home tonight.

Cycle Memphis is having a ride this Saturday starting at Cooper Young. Go!

Speaking of Cycle Memphis, Doug at www.bikinginmemphis.com wrote a great blog entry for ILoveMemphisBlog (a great blog btw). And what is he blogging about? Cycle Memphis. The short version? People on bikes meet at Cooper Young and ride about the city, take a break, then finish up the ride. The cost? FREE! I have been on a couple of rides and I have to say, the rides are fun. (I am in the group photo, the guy with the bike helmet on 😉 And you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the ride. People downtown actually CHEER as you ride by. The group rides are fantastic. Try it.

From the Memphis Flyer, TN-MUFON (read U.F.O.) will feature a conference  March 10th at Southwest TN Community College (Macon Cove location). Read more about the event here (lower section of the page).

Wait. More bikes. Check out www.fixmemphis.blogspot.com. I’m really digging Cort’s blog. Check it out Midtown.

I arrived home and then we headed to Cooper Young First Thursday. The weather was perfect. Where to go? Where to go? How about Alchemy? Good stuff. The grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup is EXCELLENT. GET THIS! The wings? LOVE them. I was stuffed by the time we finished dinner. Try Alchemy Midtown.

And how do I finish the evening? By watching the show “Archer”. So funny. Time for a drink. See you back here tomorrow for more waffles, wings, soup and great weather. Cheers.