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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

Okay, I didn’t have waffles this morning. I woke up late and didn’t make up any time this morning. By the time I arrived at Coffee Town, it was almost time to leave. I only had time for a quick coffee and then I hit the Memphis Greenline.

It was warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt this morning; in February! Can you believe it? Thank you global warming.

The only thing missing were my skull shoes and skull wrist bands.

Remember yesterday how I found something strange along the Greenline? I found a second puzzling piece today; a puzzle piece.

I’m not sure why the puzzle piece is placed along the Greenline. Could it be a lost symbol? A Memphis conspiracy? A clue to the past? Or just an art project. I don’t know.

While riding to work, the wind was blowing hard. I have never been in a wind tunnel, but I imagine this is what it is like while out riding today. The wind gusts were terrible. Near one of the small lakes at the top of Shelby Farms a tree had fallen across the trail.

Lift up my bike, carry my bike over the tree. Just another day while riding.

A couple of things I discovered today; you can create an android tablet from a Nook e-reader. Read more here from lifehacker.com. Me? Yeah, I’m doing it. The cost is slightly over $100 and easy to set up. $50 extra and you can buy a digital card with everything set up on the card, just plug the card into the Nook.

Another thing I learned is that there may be a new reality show in town. Don’t ask, I’m not giving any details.

I finished work and headed back to the Greenline. The weather was so nice this afternoon. Shorts and t-shirt! Come on spring! I’m tired of the cold weather gear. I loved the evening ride. Some people were out and about. Not many, but some.

Getting home I discovered the new computer cord arrived. Thank goodness. I was getting tired of using the old desk top.

Tomorrow? Waffle at the coffee shop. Really. I will get there on time. Then I have a test to take at work. See you back here tomorrow for more love and puzzle pieces. Cheers.