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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Get out!

This morning I arrived early at Coffee Town. After reading the news, I made my way to the Greenline. There were not many people out this morning. I set a slow pace and enjoyed the ride. I was able to snap this picture of the Gobbler 5K ad sketched on the Greenline.

I give them credit. They are thinking outside of the box. Good for them! Read more about the Gobbler 5K here.

Arriving at work early, I changed into work clothes and prepared to take a test for work. The first half of the test went very well. I only missed two questions. And then the test went downhill from there. The good news is that I can retake the test.

Returning home from work, the skies were cloudy. All of those people out and about yesterday at Shelby Farms seemed to disappear today. I did enjoy taking my jacket off and biking with a t-shirt on. Funny how I have to dress warm for the mornings and then take off several layers of clothes for the evening ride home. And my ride is much better with that extra basket. I can throw my jacket in there, lunch box, Memphis Flyer, ect.

While riding home I did notice a strange sign along the Greenline. Since the light was dim I decided not to take a picture but I will try to do so tomorrow. 

I was going to grade the music festival line up tonight, but due to a laptop not working, I have to work with an older (make that SLOWER) desktop computer. It takes forever to move pictures around. Doh!

Waffle Wednesday is coming up. I love my Waffle Wednesday. Feeling blah? Down and out? The answer is waffles! See you back here tomorrow for waffles, (beer anyone?) and some Greenline. See ya!