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Manic Monday Midtown. Beautiful day!

The weather was excellent this morning. I stopped in for my usual coffee, then headed to the Greenline. Since the morning looked so great, I decided to make the ride slow and easy. I took my time. Here is a look of my morning commute.

Yeah, check out all of that traffic. Nine months of this Midtown. I LOVE it! I did notice the Gobbler 5K advertised along the Greenline (chalk art. I didn’t get a picture, maybe tomorrow. I guess the ads worked, I looked the event up). The Gobbler 5K is March 3, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Get more information here.

An old friend commented on Facebook today about getting a job promotion and sending out a work related email. The person receiving the email had several questions about the message. All of the answers to the questions asked were front and center in the original email. (“Did you read the email?”). My advice? “Never point out the obvious to people. It will only confuse them.” (You can quote me on that, just use my name at the end of the quote 😉

As the work day ended I jumped on my bike and headed to the Greenline. The weather was AWESOME! Was it “get outside and ride your bike, jog or walk day” today? Holy cow, there were so many people out along the Greenline this afternoon! If the Greenline is like this in February, watch out March and April. Again I took the ride slower and set an easy pace. I just enjoyed the journey. Sweet.

And how do I end my day?


Nothing but love! Get ready for Two for Tuesday Midtown. I an predicting coffee, beer and Greenline. Cheers!