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It is Sunday Midtown. I hope you were able to get out in the sunshine.

So yeah, I woke up late again today. Breakfast? Gumbo soup and fresh fruit. After breakfast I played some PS3 waiting for the temperature to warm up some. I’m making progress in the Skyrim game, but the game is massive. This game will take months to complete.  

We needed vegetables for the grill, so taking a page from Doug at www.bikinginmemphis.com and Cort at www.fixmemphis.blogspot.com, (by the way, Cort has a GREAT post today about biking to do errands instead of using your car. Read it!) I suggested we ride the bikes to Easy Way in Cooper Young to pick up some fruit, vegetables and eggs. Fresh air, exercise and a short trip to the veggie store.

Eat your veggies!

And all of the groceries fit in one basket.

After only a few minutes, we arrived home and started to get the grill ready. Here is a beautiful dish; grilled vegetables.


We have a nifty pan to cook with on the grill. The handle is removable, so the skillet fits right on top of the grill. I also grilled some burgers, steak, chicken and corn. And to tell you the truth our dinner was delicious.

After dinner I stopped by Republic Coffee to do some work. The place was hopping with many people starting or finishing the Greenline. I drank my coffee and did some work.

Ready for the work week? You better be, because here… it… comes! Come back tomorrow for more bbq, veggies and coffee. Cheers.