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The weekend is here Midtown. Get out!

One guess who slept in this morning. Yeah, me. I slept until 10:00 a.m. And I felt good about it. After a shower, I headed to Republic Coffee for

Nothing but love.

Gotta love the waffle. The staff and I discussed local restaurants and which restaurants we wanted to try.

Next up? Playstation 3 for a good two hours while I did laundry. Skyrim is a great game, although I am clueless about game play. Many hours prior I gave up attempting to play the game in any sort of sequence. Now I’m running about the game, hackin’ and slashin’. Still it is a good game.

Checking the mail, I received the book Rockers and Rollers by Brian Johnson of AC/DC.

"For those about to rock..."

The book is on my waiting list to read. I’m still reading the Mick Wall book “Appetite for Destruction”. Destruction is good and quick read. A behind the scenes look at 80’s and 90’s rock stars. Ahhh… the memories, or lack there of.

We met a friend for dinner at Hueys. Burger and fries as usual. Chatting about work and dogs, we ate and laughed.

The bookstore was next on the list. We walked the aisles and browsed for good things to read. So many options. I currently have three books to read and a stack of other books I haven’t gone through. To many books, not enough time.

Then we made a quick stop at Walgreens on Union. While shopping, one aisle over, I overheard an intervention beginning. Yes, an intervention. Never a dull moment in Midtown. (Why start the intervention in Walgreens of all places?)

Plans for tomorrow? A bike ride!

Get out and see the neighborhood Midtown. Drink a coffee and watch the world drift by. Come back tomorrow for more books, coffee and interventions.