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Finally Friday Midtown.

I began my day at Republic Coffee. Running late I chugged my coffee and ran for the door (this time remembering to pay!).

I did notice a few things this morning during my ride. Some guys were working on something at one intersection. There was so much equipment, the trucks blocked the path completely.

Then, I noticed some volunteers picking up trash near the Podesta intersection.

Thank you!

I don’t know who you are, but thank you very much for picking up the trash.

The remainder of the ride was good, until I reached Shelby Farms. The wind was howling. I had to lean into the wind just to stay upright on the bike. Wow, that was some wind this morning. I was nearing the last couple of miles of my ride. The wind was on my back. I was riding fast! Yeah! Pedal, pedal, pedal. I’m the fastest man on a bike! Then I heard the words “Good morning”. A cyclist waved to me as he passed me by at “crazy” speed. Thanks. The other cyclist put my speed into perspective. This guy made it look like I was not moving at all. Okay, it is not about the speed. It is about the journey. Especially if you are riding slow-errrrr. Thanks Lance Armstrong for passing me by today!

I ended up working late because a customer arrived late. Doh! I have to ride home and get to downtown for Trolley Night! Pedal, pedal, pedal! The wind was terrible for the first two miles. I could have jumped off the bike and jogged faster. I attempted to make up time along the Greenline, but it just didn’t happen.

Getting home late, I jumped in the shower and changed clothes. We had dinner reservations downtown at Rizzo’s Diner.

Checking out the fireplace.

Can I state one thing? FANTASTIC! The seafood bisque? You HAVE to try it. Well how does it compare to something you get in Louisiana? I would put this soup up against ANY dish on the southern coast. Heaven in a bowl. Really. My wife and I shared the brisket plate.

The meat was great, but get this. The vegetables were so good my toes curled! I wanted more vegetables! How is this possible? Vegetables are not supposed to taste this good.

And for dessert? Our friends had the apple crisp.

Oh yeah…. I took a bite. Awesome. Rule number one at Rizzo’s; order one of EVERYTHING from the menu. Rule number two, order dessert. Memphis, go to Rizzo’s Diner. Great food, and great service (thanks Brandon!). You will not be disappointed. Rizzo’s Diner / 106 GE Patterson Ave / Memphis TN 38103. Go!

Friends who LOVED Rizzo's Diner

Rizzo's is the place to eat Memphis!

Me? I’m done for the day. Time to unwind. See you back here tomorrow for more dessert, coffee and bikes. Cheers.