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Waffle Wednesday Midtown.

No, I didn’t get waffles today. Not in the mood. Saving the waffles for tomorrow morning.

Although the morning was damp, the ride to work went well. Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Coming home the temperature was excellent. Come on spring! No gloves to wear, no winter gear. I wore a t-shirt and a jacket. Many people were out walking, jogging and riding their bikes this afternoon. If you were not one of them, do it! Get out and enjoy the Greenline. Your couch will be there when you return home.

By the way, as I was riding home, a cyclist passed by me and shouted “I like your helmet!” Thanks!

"I want your skull..."

If you happen to see me riding along the Greenline, give me a shout.

Dinner you ask? Taco’s. Love me the taco’s. I’m taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Here is a vase my wife purchased.

Flower vase

Okay, it is from a laboratory set. She purchased it used for $.50. The flowers are dried out. Different? Yes.

Come back tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday Midtown. I’ll see you then.