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Manic Monday Midtown.

“Do you want a waffle with that coffee?” Yeah, they know me very well at Coffee Town. No waffle today. I read the daily news, then jumped on my bike. Yes, I used my new bike basket today. One large backpack in one basket, one small backpack in the new bike basket. To easy. I attempted to take a picture of the new bike basket, but my camera batteries were dead. What I would give for batteries that would NEVER go bad. I have rechargeable batteries. That’s not what I want. I just want those small batteries to never go bad, ever.

I rode 6.5 miles this morning when someone called out to me from the parking lot in front of the Shelby County “big house”. Me? You are asking me something? The guy was looking for a small street near the Penal Farm to deliver something. “Ummm…” I had nothing. “You don’t work here?” he asked. I am wearing black jogging pants, a black jacket, and a skull helmet. Who am I working for? He thought I worked for the Greenline??? We chatted for a bit and then I continued my ride. The temperature was colder this morning than I expected. Balaclava? Balaclava? Where is it??? Yeah by five o’clock I found the balaclava in the bottom of my bike bag. Doh!

The playlist from this mornings ride? Pressing “shuffle” I heard:

Accept – Fast as the shark (live), Maiden – Two Minutes, Dio – We Rock, Rush – Force Ten, Metallica – Phantom Lord, Metallica – Paranoid (live), Dio – Silver Mountain (live), Budgie – Panzer Division Destroyed (live from San Antonio AND I was at that very concert), Accept – Burning (classic fifties rock tune), Misfits – Skulls, Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Carmina Burana, Rush – One Little Victory (live, excellent in concert).

I found this video from www.ilovememphisblog.com. Great blog. I read the blog daily. You should as well. “Stuff Memphians Say”. I laughed at this video. Check out the video at youtube.com.

The ride home tonight was great. Many people were out riding, walking and jogging along the Greenline. I felt alive. My speed was average, but I was loving the ride. I had lazy thoughts, and not a worry in the world.

Come back tomorrow for more coffee and love. See you then!