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Are you loving the weekend? I know I am.

I started the day late. Sleeping in this morning until nearly 10:00 a.m. (yawn), we headed to Hueys for brunch. (Support local business, especially along Madison!). We usually order the same menu times; burger, fries and onion rings.

Ahhh... lunch!

I saw a sign that I “was” going to take a picture of. “Don’t eat yellow snow”. Brilliant. Well maybe not. Then I noticed something else. Right in front of me. Someone had written “this” on the wall. I thought it was great.

From Midtown, with love.

It is interesting the things that you notice or don’t notice. Something so easy and simple and I almost didn’t see it, right in front of me.

While eating I also checked out the Memphis Redbirds schedule. Come on April! Warm weather, a bike ride to the baseball stadium, baseball and beer. I have to wait two months. Let the countdown begin.

Next stop was the bookstore. I didn’t buy anything, since I have several books coming my way via mail. I love to browse for books. I keep a list of my favorite authors on my Ipod. Maybe next time.

Our next stop was Easy Way at the Cooper Young location. We usually stop in a few times a week to buy fresh vegetables. This time I noticed a street bike locked to a pole near the entrance. Here is where things get interesting. An older man is walking around with a backpack. He buys some veggies and walks out. He’s the one that owns the bike. He puts the veggies in the backpack. I examine his bike. It is a plain street bike. Nothing fancy or expensive. There isn’t a basket on the bike. His clothes are plain as well. He did not spend money on a fancy new bike. He doesn’t have pro bike gear. This is “average Joe” riding his bike to Easy Way, putting the veggies in the backpack and riding home. As soon as the temperature gets warmer, I will insist my wife and I do the same. Biking to the store, buying your fruits and veggies and riding home. So simple and easy to do.

Arriving at home, I started laundry and played Skyrim for the first time in nearly one month. I did make progress in the game. Good game. I recommend Skyrim if you have a PS3.

The work week starts tomorrow. I did some thinking today and a small detail came to my attention. I speak to a friend on a daily basis. He is not a holy man, but he always tells me “we are so blessed”. And he is correct. We complain all day when one little thing goes wrong. The day can be 99% perfect, except the one mistake we made, yet we focus on that one part of the day. Let it go. If the worst part of your day is a spilled cup of coffee, someone cuts you off on your drive to work, your waiter doesn’t provide the best service; let it go. Your day could be a whole lot worse. Focus on the parts of the day that went right. (I imagine MOST of your day was great or at least okay, except for a few small parts of the day). And remember “You’re beautiful, don’t you forget that”.

Have a great day and get ready for Monday, because here… it… comes.