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Are you loving the weekend Midtown? I know I am. Let’s jump into things.

Yes, I had coffee at Coffee Town this mid-morning. Yes, I went out for dinner with friends. Yes, I went to the ballet. Wait. What? Yes, I attended the ballet.

Art in motion.

Some history. I worked in show business for 15 years. I have worked touring broadway shows. I have worked national music tours. I have been to opera’s in Vienna. I have been to opera’s in Paris. I have worked many, many performances of The Nutcracker. Does this make me an expert in arts and theater? No. Do I know what I like? Yes.

This was my first visit to Playhouse on the Square. Our seats were great. (Just so you know, the tickets were given to us by a friend). The name of the performance? AbunDANCE: Reflections. The first part was “Venetian Reflections”. Let me state that I was stunned by the quality and the performance of the dancers. Maybe it took me 45 years to understand ballet. I’m not sure. I do know that the women danced beautifully. Their pale blue outfits and slow movements made me think of a tranquil, slow-moving river. This was art. I loved watching their feet move; the swaying of their bodies as they danced was mesmerizing.

The next part was “Soul Selects Her Own Society”. This was modern dance, backed with a french song. If the first part of the show was slow, this was energized dance. The dance was powerful but light at the same time. The black tights and red and orange tops were perfect dress for this performance. The dancers were outstanding.

“Takedeme” was the third part of the ballet. I have met Kendall Britt Jr. in the past, but have never watched him dance. This was a one man show and he put on a show for everyone. The movements by Kendall were fast and furious, graceful and funny, and explosive all at the same time. The audience loved his work. And so did I.

The last part of the show was “Angels in the Architecture”. Many dancers took the stage for this performance. My only complaint? I’m not a fan of Aaron Copeland. It may take 45 more years for me to become of fan of Copeland. The performers were great.

What struck me the most from the entire night was the quality of the performers. This is in Memphis? This is in my own backyard? Do yourself a favor and see Ballet Memphis. Take your family and friends. Take friends from out-of-town. In one night, Ballet Memphis has won me over. This is a rock solid company. And you know what? I want to go to another show. I look forward to attending other shows by this company in the future.

How did I finished the evening? Yolo! I love me the Yolo. It is cold outside and the place was packed with customers. Yolo, prepare to start printing your own money when the weather warms up. You will make many millions soon enough. What flavor did I choose? Mango and Strawberry.

Midtown, you surprise me again. Try something new. Get out and see what this town has to offer. See you here tomorrow for more coffee and ballet. Cheers.