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Finally Friday Midtown. The weekend is here!

With my new basket attached to my bike, I set off down the Greenline in the morning. The temperature was colder than I expected, but I toughed it out.

The best part about today? Putting a couple of back packs into the bike baskets and not worrying about the packs for the rest of my ride. Okay, that is incorrect. I did look back time and time again just to make sure the basket was still attached to the bike. I have to say I love the new basket. Pictures coming soon. And when I don’t need the new basket, the basket just folds up next to the bike.

Best ad I have seen in Memphis? This one.

Got balls?

Memphis Dodgeball rules!

Dinner? Ribs! Central BBQ ribs, thank you very much.

Hello ribs!

Plans for Saturday? Coffee, Skyrim and PS3 plus some ballet. I’m going to love the day. Rock on Midtown. See you back here tomorrow for more ribs.