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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Better yet, just get a waffle.

That is how I began my day. “Yes, one waffle and one iced coffee”. Done and done. Best way to start the day.

Riding to work this morning was enjoyable. No problems or worries. I plugged my Ipod into my IMaingo (what I like to call my 8-track tape player) and pressed the “shuffle” button. Most of the tunes were good, except a couple of songs I need to take out of the play list.

Being smart, I had UPS send me a text message just as soon as my new bike basket was delivered to my wife at work. In the words of Steve Martin from the movie “The Jerk”, “The new bike basket is here! The new bike basket is here!” Oh yeah baby. Come to papa!

After work I made my way westward along the Greenline. All was well until I stopped at an intersection. I wait for traffic to stop, light turns red…. and I wait. I want to give a big shout out to the person in the white sedan who ran the red light. Yeah, red means stop. Just sayin’.

And I will not be surprised if I have flat tires tomorrow morning. There is a ton of broken glass along Tilman. I don’t know why bottles are getting broken more often lately, but I see a new tire tube in my future. I hate broken glass. And this is the sound of me running over broken glass; crrrrunch.

Getting home, I lunged for the new bike basket. Open up box, sorta look at the instructions, then run outside to place the basket on the side of the bicycle. After reading reviews of the basket, I have to say the reviewers are dead on. The basket is great, the clamps they send with the basket are terrible. After one hour of pressing, wrenching, turning, tilting, and screwing, the basket was secured to the side of my bike. Sweet. No more random items hanging outside of the basket. Better yet the basket folds up nicely against the bike when not in use. Cost? Twenty dollars. Pictures to be posted later.

Remember the bike tour we took in New Orleans a few weeks ago? Someone filmed one of the bike tours and put the video up on Youtube. The tour guide was the same guide we had for our tour. The video gives you an idea of what the tour was like. The ride is very easy, and fun to do. See a part of the bike tour here from youtube.com.

Ready to roll!

Sorry for the late post. I am beat. Time for a drink, then bed. See you here tomorrow Midtown for more bike baskets and love. Cheers!