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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

Even though it is Waffle Wednesday, I didn’t have a waffle. Watching the world go by at Coffee Town, I read the news (boring) and chatted with a friend for a short while.

Next up? Bike to work. Hey isn’t it raining outside? No. It was not raining this morning. And no it didn’t rain in the evening. I have a rain poncho. I will survive even if it does rain on my head. The morning commute was tougher than previous days. I think my slower ride was due to me riding into the wind. My last two miles are usually some of my best miles. Not today.

The ride home was enjoyable. I can’t complain. And I didn’t see one person riding or walking along the Greenline during the ride westward. And I didn’t get rained on.

Play list for the ride home? (okay the music was on shuffle)

Priest – Hot Rockin’ / Black and Blue – I’m the King / Accept-To High to Get It Right / James Gang- Walk Away / Flogging Molly-Drunken Lullabies / Metallica- Seek and Destroy (live) / Metallica – Pulling Teeth / Trent Reznor – Penetration (Social Network Soundtrack) / Manowar – Battle Hymns / Trent – Anxiety (Social NW) / AC/DC – Giving the Dog A Bone / Mother Love Bone (Check them out if you don’t know ’em) – Chloe Dancer / Saxon – Dallas 1 pm

More music news. Maiden just announced a summer tour of the states. Guess I am headed to Texas in August. Three shows to choose from. Should be fun.

Arriving at home, I told my wife to get dressed. We were going out for dinner. I am sure Cooper Young was jammed packed with couples looking for a great dinner. And that is why we had dinner tonight instead. Walking to Sweet Grass Next Door, I noticed the new sign up for Mulan restaurant at Cooper and Young.

Which is better? Mulan or....


Tables and booths are moved in.

Moving along to Sweet Grass Next Door, we ordered french fries and mac and cheese. This is the first time I have ordered the mac and cheese.

Order this!

Get it! Two words; awesome (times two). Really, order this dish.

You want fries? Here are some for you!

We also ordered the fried egg sandwich and shared it.

A plate of love.

I have to say this was a tasty dish as well. Try it, you will like it.

To top it off, we ordered the sour cream apple pie.

The perfect end of the evening with ice cream and apple pie.

Yup, the pie was great. I have to say the evening was very enjoyable. And we didn’t have to fight to get a table.

Alright, see you back here tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday. Cheers.