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all you need is love.

Happy Valentines Day Midtown.

No bike ride to work today. I had too much running around to do today.

Oh yeah, the movie I saw last night “Apollo 18”; skip it. The “2-Headed Shark Attack” movie may have been a better bet. I want my $1.00 back Red Box. Spoiler alert. Out of all the alien monsters you could choose from, the movie makers went for… moon rocks. Yes, the moon rocks were the movie monsters. And I’m not talking about scary rocks. I’m talking “rocks”. Just rocks. Did the special effects artist’s budget get cut? Your alien is a rock? Worst alien of the year award goes to…. Read more about the movie here at IMDB.

The new bike basket is set to be delivered by Thursday afternoon. Come on bike basket!

Yes my special someone received flowers and a new book today for Valentines Day. I received chocolate and candy. I hope you had a great holiday. See you here tomorrow for more love.