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Finally Friday Midtown. Is it cold enough for ya?

I began my day at Republic Coffee. King cakes people. Get yours for $3.00 plus tax. I had my “Finally Friday” waffle.

The Finally Friday Waffle.

A warm waffle, syrup and butter. Sure helps to combat that 40 degree temperature outside.

The ride was good. I was riding slower, but my rhythm was good. Everything went well until I came to this:

No damn chains will hold me to the ground.

Doh! A locked gate. Stop. Pull out cell phone. Call Shelby Farms. “The gate at the bottom of the park is locked (at 9:30 a.m.!)”. Turn around. Go to the park entrance / exit. Made it to work despite the gate error.

I forgot to mention that a customer and I started to talk about bikes yesterday. I told him I commuted by bike along the Greenline. He biked around Germantown but had never tried the Greenline. I made a map for him to show where the Greenline started and ended and how to swing over to North Parkway to get to downtown. He works in Washington several weeks a month and said many employee’s bike to work since it was the easiest way to get around town.

The ride home today was soggy. The park was empty. The Greenline was empty. I didn’t see one person…. until the last half mile. One person was out walking tonight. Cold? Yes. Misting rain? Yes. The ride wasn’t bad for the weather. I’d do it again. I ended the evening talking to staff at Republic Coffee for a short while.

I’m pulling the trigger. I’m getting a Wald 582 bike basket. I’m tired of “stuffing” my back pack, smaller back pack, and lunch box into one basket. There are times my lunch box just hangs off the side of the basket. When your boss asks you “Is all of that going to fit on your bike?” you know it is time to get more baskets. My basket needs baskets. It is either that or an entire trailer. I’m placing the order and can’t wait for the new basket to arrive.

Yeah, I’m done. Go out and have some fun Saturday Midtown. See YOU tomorrow.