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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Except… I didn’t have waffles today. You can’t have waffles “every” day. Maybe tomorrow.

I did ride my bike to work this morning. Balaclava? Check. Gloves? Check. IMaingo? Check. What? Yeah, I have a sound system for my bike now. A little present from my wife. No it is not an eight-track player (I did have one of those though, many years ago). Just connect my Ipod to IMaingo and I am ready to rock. I threw the speakers in the basket, turned up the volume and set off along the Greenline. Rock on.

And then my head decided to have a migraine. Let me say that a migraine plus bike ride is not good. I ended my ride and downed some medicine.

The ride back home was cold. So cold. 40 degree temperature with a 34 degree wind chill. Brrr…. I should have brought an extra jacket. And my feet were freezing. I did have a good ride, but it was a cold one. I did see a helicopter landing at the Penal Farm. I guess Hannibal Lecter is back in town.

Dinner? Memphis Pizza Cafe. Yes I support Madison Ave. business and so should you.

See you back here tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday and some Monty Python.